Now in it’s fourth year, the Jozi Flash anthology of flash fiction and short stories is bigger and better than ever.

Jozi Flash 2018: Colours of the City is due for release in September! Pop in every Wednesday from now until then to meet the authors involved in the project!

Week 5: K.S. Lomas

Author Interview

With a passion for developing whole worlds for her players to explore, K.S. Lomas is a collaborative story-teller of note. Get to know more about her passion for the written word below:

 1. So, tell us about yourself but in old school Twitter 140 character format.

Is the very definition of an extroverted introvert. Loves being with friends and spending time telling stories of all sorts.

2. We always hear about why you started writing but now, what keeps you writing?

I love being able to bring people in with my writing. To experience what my characters feel and think together. It’s the most rewarding thing to get the feedback that readers were “living there” in the story.

3. What would you say is your writing quirk?

Music brings out my best pieces. I live with music when I write.

4. What genre would you say is your worst, and why?

I can’t wrap my head around writing sci-fi; I love to read it but to write it… my brain is not wired for that apparently.

5. What’s one thing you love about writing?

Too many options for this one; though I would have to say experiencing a whole new insight into the characters I create as we adventure together on their journey.

6. If you were a character in your favourite genre, who would you be and why?

Legolas! I adore elves and he is one of my favourites. Expert marksman, loyal, funny… yup… I’d be Legolas.

7. Was writing something you saw yourself doing as a child?

Yes. I have actually always wanted to be an author. This is a literal dream come true for me.

8. If you could rewrite any book, what would it be and why?

One should not re-write the works of others… Though I’d happily destroy the Twilight and 50 Shades books.

9. Being published is a major step forward so what will you do, now?

Push even harder to finish my novel.

10. If you had to ask the person closest to you, what kind of author do they think you are?

Those that I have asked, say I have a unique way of sucking them into the story so they see, feel, hear and experience what I am writing. This has been the biggest compliment for me and adds more inspiration to write not only for me… but for them too.


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