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Jozi Flash 2018 Authors: Storm Jarvis

Now in it’s fourth year, the Jozi Flash anthology of flash fiction and short stories is bigger and better than ever.

Jozi Flash 2018: Colours of the City is due for release in September! Pop in every Wednesday from now until then to meet the authors involved in the project!

Week 4: Storm Jarvis

Author Interview

Storm is a brilliantly talented young author and a newcomer to the Jozi Flash anthology. Get to know a bit more about her below:

 1. So, tell us about yourself but in old school Twitter 140 character format.

I find myself lost in my stories before I even write. I love creating and look forward to exploring many new worlds in my books to come.

2. We always hear about why you started writing but now, what keeps you writing?

It helps me escape to another world. I enjoy being with my characters and watching them come alive on the pages.

3. What would you say is your writing quirk?

I think I research way too much. If I am writing about something I am not sure about, I tend to go through a maze of searches and always end up with aliens. Always the aliens.

4. What genre would you say is your worst, and why?

I think horror is the most difficult for me. I absolutely love reading the genre but the process of writing has me trembling in fear before I get into the story…

5. What’s one thing you love about writing?

I love becoming an observer in the universe I create. I love letting my characters develop themselves, and I am the deity watching over them.

6. If you were a character in your favourite genre, who would you be and why?

I would be Evie in the Premonition series. I think the world created is beautiful to think of and her character is both strong and fragile. The story has beautiful character arcs and I would enjoy holding the powers of a half angel.

7. Was writing something you saw yourself doing as a child?

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger, with the intention of studying English. Somewhere between there and here, I gave up on the dream. Luckily the right people walked into my life, at the right time, and now I am able to reopen that box.

8. If you could rewrite any book, what would it be and why?

Definitely the third book in the Traitor Born series. I feel that the series fell flat in the last book and it had so much potential. The world created underwent a sudden change and many stories were left unfinished.

9. Being published is a major step forward so what will you do, now?

I plan on finishing my current novel and hopefully publish it before the next Jozi Flash.

10. If you had to ask the person closest to you, what kind of author do they think you are?

They would probably tell you that my stories are completely wild, probably contain a lot of violence and are not based in reality.


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