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Jozi Flash 2018 Authors: Greg Gunning

Now in it’s fourth year, the Jozi Flash anthology of flash fiction and short stories is bigger and better than ever.

Jozi Flash 2018: Colours of the City is due for release in September! Pop in every Wednesday from now until then to meet the authors involved in the project!

This week: Greg Gunning

Greg Gunning Bio


Author Interview

Greg’s passion for the written word is evident when you speak to him, but he’s also a little bit shy. He shared a bit about himself down below:

 1. So, tell us about yourself but in old school Twitter 140 character format.

I am a teacher, currently at one of Johannesburg’s top high schools. I have been in education for over thirty years.


2. We always hear about why you started writing but now, what keeps you writing?

I keep writing to learn about myself. I explore varying emotions and points of view that do not constitute who I am as a person.


3. What would you say is your writing quirk?

I don’t really have one; but if eating bowls of dry Milo cereal is a quirk, then I qualify.


4. What genre would you say is your worst, and why?

I don’t like writing; having never explored them, horror and science fiction.


5. What’s one thing you love about writing?

I like not knowing where I’m going to take myself.


6. If you were a character in your favourite genre, who would you be and why?

I like making-up stuff. I have no desire to be a fantasy.

7. Was writing something you saw yourself doing as a child?

I began writing as a teenager; but life got in the way and so I write when time becomes available. I usually write early in the morning.


8. If you could rewrite any book, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t rewrite any book – I’m not qualified. But if I did, it would be the Bible. I’d make God less angry.

9. Being published is a major step forward so what will you do, now?

The idea of a story being ‘out there’ is, of course, tremendously exciting. Now it’s down to some real commitment and finishing that novel.

10. If you had to ask the person closest to you, what kind of author do they think you are?

I’m not much of a sharer; so, opinions are unavailable.


Did I mention Greg was shy? If you want to say hi, please drop a comment down below and I’ll be sure to pass it on!