Chasing Dreams Publishing was established in 2016, with the idea that it would act as a sort of intermediary between a vanity press and traditional publishing, with authors paying for services according to their budget, rather than a price list.

This is still the dream, but it’s been refined a lot since the idealistic beginnings. There is a basic price list for services now, but it’s flexible, because as much as a business needs to make money to survive, the goal and function of Chasing Dreams is to assist authors, artists and creatives to reach their dream of publishing.

Two years later, Chasing Dreams is still a one woman operation, but I work in collaboration with an amazing group of writers, artists, and editors in order to provide the best services possible.

Who am I?

Nicolette Stephens

Nicolette Stephens

Dreams and storytelling have always been a part of my life, but I only recently began to actively work towards sharing those stories with the world. As the creator of Chasing Dreams Publishing, I aim to help other writers share their stories, but as a writer myself, I just want to tell a great story.

Sometimes this involves talking to my numerous pets – the cats are an attentive audience to bounce ideas off, although I still have to figure out if a butt-plant on the keyboard is a sign of approval or dismissal; or perhaps just a warm spot to sit.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about working with me!